Monday, August 27, 2007

Iowa or bust

Here we are . It's 2 am and we're on the couch looking a little dazed at the packing that awaits us in the morning. Interior design and state of the art storage facility....all in one in good ole Buttercup. Almost.

We'll call Heartland Cafe at 6 am to see if we can catch the grease before they dump it on the morning shift, seeing that our Devon Pakistani restaurant disposed off their oil a day earlier than our arrangement. Carissa even dined there to try to seal the deal.

The night of a little hurricane in the city, we held a get together with our Chicago neighbors to gather some old school attention and interest. During our stay we toured through the Green Market, local gardens and got some street side mechanical help. We made a lot of friends, ate fresh watermelon, tasted rosemary cookies from Bleeding Heart Bakery, picked some wild sage, saw industrial cow milkers at the zoo, saw huitlacoche (delectable corn fungus) growing on blue hopi corn in a small community garden, and collected delicious mud splattered produce from Farm Girl Organics. Plastic cups and jugs have a new life as plant pots.

So here's to tomorrow....maybe we'll get to use our freshionly fashioned grease filters. Home sewn and functional. And we'll see how rural Illinois and Iowa has faired in the recent rains and floods.