Saturday, September 8, 2007

Little ladies hit the town

Another wonderful day in the city of San Francisco. Morning quests of elongated flamenco square dancing dresses from the yard sale next door, a few pecks to a rusty typewriter and dreams of a vintage thermos to replace the glass tea jar that busted at the pour of hot hibiscus tea. We walked as if our bodies were foreign to the steps of hills and slopes. We came upon jade vagabond plant growers, wild poppies, and the morning generosity of a free bus ride. No longer that a few blocks and window glares later did we arrive to the steaming pots of my first dim sum. Equipt with bland porridge and a sesame seed yam roll, we feasted, forgetting to have paper cup tea. Pretty satisfied at our gambling whole in the wall, we departed to forage for three mini funnels and $1.80 worth of the exhibit that felt like it changed our lives or at least validated them....The history of camping.

Today we became gypsies of the automobile. We have taken to experience the natural world without restrictions and without the pulls and tugs of daily life. Even in the quaint and vigorous dreams from the 1930's we felt at home. With our camp stove and mortar and pestal, clay mexican cooking bowl, espresso maker and dried grains, we felt right at home, inspired to install out hammocks in more idealic places and spaces. Encouraged to document and post photos with messages of locations and possible camp songs. If you are lucky, we could even stage the next bandanna competition. But by the looks of it, we will stick to the fallen fruit tours of urban fruit tress, picking locally and feasting wildly.

4 new books and another bus right to the right corner of the long lost street, we retire, to sounds and images of artists we discovered by evening gallery strolling.

Such wonderful projects here...such wonderful places to find and discover the ideas and images that make us want to keep exploring and discovering to find the next fresh peach, diorama installation or seaweed dinner salad. Heres to the savory finds of a fruitful city.